Photo Recap: Morris Loeb's 154th Birthday Celebration

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BASF Chairman Kurt Bock receives the 2017 ICIS Kavaler Award

The Chemists' Club is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2017 Kavaler Award will be Kurt Bock, Chairman of BASF. The Kavaler Award is selected amongst the ICIS…
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BASF Tour – 9/29/2017

BASF, the biggest chemical producer in the world, will host a plant trip through their Tarrrytown facility on Friday, September 29th. This location is one of 4 research hubs BASF…
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CCNY presents John Crant – 10/5/2017

John Crant, who is known to be an expert in career searches and career management, will be coming to CCNY to talk about how to successfully self-promote yourself in the hiring…
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Photo Recap: Morris Loeb’s 154th Birthday Celebration

It was a night of celebration after the Chemists' Club Annual Meeting, held at Dylan Hotel / Benjamin Steakhouse (formerly the old Chemists Club building). Lots of great food and…
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